Dessert Buffet Marketing Plan

Topics: Nutrition, Oechsle scale, Carbohydrate Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: June 29, 2014

A dessert is a serving of fresh fruits after the main course of a meal. A usually sweet course or dish (as of pastry or ice-cream) usually serves as the end of the meal. Sweet tooth a desire to eat many sweets foods- especially candies and is a fondness and cravings for sweets It has a tendency to have such cravings. If you have a sweet tooth then desserts, parties and candies are your favourite food. It can be permanent or a temporary characteristic. Someone who greatly enjoys sweet foods is said to have a “sweet tooth.” Many people around the world are fond of sweets, from sugar-packed ripe fruit to chocolates, and some people associate sweet foods specifically with comfort and well-being. Several factors appear to come together to create a sweet tooth: humans are predisposed to like sweet foods for a variety of reasons, some humans have even stronger sweet-liking genes, and others are conditioned to like sweets. Having a sweet tooth isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is believed that humans have been enjoying sweets for a long time. In Africa, a wide assortment of fruits is available to choose from, but fully ripened fruits have the most nutritional value. Ripe fruit is also much sweeter than unripe fruit, so humans probably learned at an early stage of evolution that they should seek out sweet foods; although most humans no longer forage for their diet, this ancient genetic lesson encourages modern humans to seek out and enjoy sweets. Eating desserts can please you in anyway. It can help boast your energy. Desserts represent a sense of bliss- a moment of totally relishing that which makes us feel good. When we repeatedly deny ourselves that opportunity, our view of ourselves as a person who deserves to feel good, good shifts, and we can even get resentful. Desserts can also positively influence you moods. Carbohydrate- rich foods cause your brain to produce serotonin and tryptophan- chemicals that promotes emotional...
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