Despicable Me Review

Topics: Ethics, Morality Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: July 14, 2012
Reflection Paper: Despicable Me
There are multiple of ethical violations that were committed in the movie. Gru, for example, adopted the three orphans just so he could get into Vector’s lair and steal back the Shrink Ray. He pretended to be nice and accommodating to the orphans until he finally got what he wanted. Apart from that, he also had the dream to be the most evil villain on the planet. He takes pleasure and joy from his wrong doings and from the suffering of other people. Basically, the reason why is doing this is because he wants to please his mother. Another unethical violation was made by his mom herself. Even when Gru was a kid, she never showed appreciation to his own efforts. Every time he would present a new invention to his mom, even if it may be too advanced for his age, she would usually just shrug him off. On the other hand, Vector is also guilty of being unethically behaved. Despite his wealth and success in life, he merely cheated his way through. He got things that were not his own and, same as Gru, he performed the most evil tasks ever imagined. Lastly, Ms. Hattie, the orphanage keeper, has been cruel to the three young girls. She made them work by selling cookies all day and she never gave them any credit.

Being ethical is something that we should value or prioritize. It practically helps or guides us to the direction you want take in life. The way we act and think affects our personal relationship with other people and most importantly, our identity. As much as possible, I practice ethical behavior despite the temptations present which trick me to do otherwise. This is because I want to maintain a good relationship with my God, family, friends and society in general. We must act accordingly which would allow ourselves and others to benefit and be pleased. This is also brought about simply from respect. We behave ourselves because we do not want to offend other people with the words and actions we say or do that might hurt them.

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