Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Thought Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: August 31, 2014
Desperation is the emotional state of despair in which a person feels a situation to be hopeless and without satisfactory options. One need to satisfy one self in any alternate way possible and it can be related to anything. Decisions made in desperation may be more rash, impulsive, and inappropriate than those made in a rational frame of mind. When we are in the sate of desperation we must think of all the happy moments in our life and try to satisfy our self as remembering those moments will reduce Desperartion. Well desperation can be because of various reasons and in most of the cases we have solution to it. As we have a problem we must have a solution to the same if we think on it by attaching our emotions to it.

Any short of desperation such as if we need a pizza at 12 midnight and we are vey desperaate for it because of some reason we can simply satisfy ourselves by not thinking of it and shifting our mind to certain other topic. If we are not able to satisfy ourselves we may start feeling guilty but at the same time we may look for an alternative that we have for ourselves at our place because it is with most of us that we keep something to satisfy ourselves such as chocolates and many other etables which we like alot and we should consume the same as it will drive our mind away from desperation for Pizza. Well in case when we get angry because of some reasons and in most of the cases we try to solve the issue or get into clear conversation to feel good and short it out but that is not good at all as it leads to immense pressure upon us and to calm ourselves we at that particular time rather than finding the people who did it we puke out all our anger on someone else. That simply ruins our relationship with the person at whom we puked out our anger and it does no good to us and it is all because of desperation. We need to have

a control over our anger so that at that point of time we become cool and think of something else and short out...
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