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Description Planning
1.Using your thesaurus, jot down words to use in your description of either: (a)The scene in a busy airport terminal
(b)The scene in a street market
(c)The scene entering a sports or music venue
(d)The scene at a busy road junction /traffic lights
(e)The scene at a school bus stop
Perhaps find alternatives to hot/cold, loud/quiet, hard/soft, bright/dull, excited/bored, good/bad, big/small, nice/ugly, quickly/slowly, happy/sad etc. etc. etc.

2.List the various different scenes you are going to describe, e.g. The scene at a school bus stop
1.Scene - General description(“long ranch shot”) including which bus stop it is and what time, general noise/general observations 2.Person - A particular person at the front of the queue
3.People - Older group gathered against the wall
4.People - Couple in love
5.Scene - Buss appearing in distance , pulling into stop
6.Person - people getting on bus, but focus on a person
7.Scene - bus pulling away into distance
My Plan






3.Write 2 “killer” similes/metaphors (using as or like) e.g. The boy clung onto his mother’s thigh like a limpet onto a rock. a)


NB You can still use the thesaurus to help you on these activities. 4.Write using the senses. Write a brilliant example of:






5.Write an excellent example of personification (describing an object as if it’s a person), e.g..: The enraged (better than angry) sea smashed furiously (better than angrily) against the innocent rocks.

6.Write 2 brilliant metaphors (where you say something is something else ) e.g..: His garish (flashy/in bad taste) shorts...
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