Desmond Tutu: Story of a Hero

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Desmond Mphilo Tutu (a Christian boy) was born on the 7th of October in 1931. He moved with his family from Klerksdorp
Transvaal to Johannesburg when he was 12 years old. His
father is Zachariah tutu, a schoolteacher. They moved to
Johannesburg for the sake of his mother, Aletta who found
work as a cook and cleaner in a school for the blind. When
Desmond was 14 he became ill with tuberculosis and missed
two years of school having to stay in hospital. While recovering from this illness he met a person who he considered the
person to have made the greatest influence in his life. Trevor Huddleston was a white, Anglican, parish priest in Sophia
town, and a well-known anti-Apartheid activist. Trevor was
strongly against apartheid and racial separation. Desmond’s dream was to become a physician but sadly his family could
not afford the fee for training. Instead Desmond decided to
follow in his father’s footsteps and became a teacher. Thus his occupation was teaching


Desmond Tutu studied at the Pretoria Bantu Normal College,
from 1951 through 1953, and completed a diploma in
teaching. After completing, he went on to teach at
Johannesburg Bantu High School for three years ending in
1957. Desmond resigned from this job in protest against the
poor level of Bantu education following the Bantu education
act, which deteriorated the condition of black South African education. Then Desmond began to study theology the study
of the nature of God and religious belief. He studied at St. peter’s Theology College in Rosettensville. Following in the footsteps of his role model and fellow activist Trevor
Huddleston. Desmond became an Anglican priest in 1960
thereafter he traveled to London to continue further studies, where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in




Desmond Tutu was one of the outspoken people against
apartheid - the system of legal racial separation. He used his position as the Bishop of Lesotho to work against it. Tutu
played his part by supporting an ‘economic’ boycott of his country. He also fought against the racial discrimination by constantly preaching reconciliation between different parties associated with apartheid, through his writings and lectures at home and abroad.









Ø Desmond Tutu used peaceful protest and his
position in the church to fight against the apartheid
system. He made speeches speaking out against it,
and helped those who fell victim to the ways of









After Desmond had got his education he returned to South
Africa. He became a lecturer from 1970 to 1974 at the
university of Lesotho. He was appointed as the Anglican
Dean of Johannesburg in 1975. He used his position to
challenge the white rule publicly. From 1976 to 1978, Tutu
served as the Bishop of Lesotho and in 1978, became the
Secretary-General of South African Council of Churches.
After a year, he was chosen as the Archbishop of Cape
Town, South Africa. He became the first black Bishop of
Johannesburg in 1985.


Desmond Tutu has formulated his objective as "a
democratic and just society without racial divisions", and has set forward the following points as minimum demands and h
continues fo:
1. Equal civil rights for all
2. The abolition of South Africa's passport laws
3. A common system of education
4. The cessation of forced deportation from South Africa to
the so-called "homelands"





Archbishop Tutu is a model of how to fight for
tolerance within African society, and he was an
important leader in South Africa's fight against
apartheid. He was awarded the Nobel Peace
Prize in 1984 and today continues to speak
around the globe for peace and justice.
Tutu was the head of the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission from 1995 to 2003.
This South African commission...
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