Designing a Reward System That Works

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Designing A Reward System That Works
Ruby Jester

HSM 220

Barry Schultz

August 08, 2010

Designing A Reward System That Works
In any type of business reward systems offer employees the incentive to more effectively and efficiently perform. Whether the rewards are financial, material, recognition based, or just beneficial they are important in helping to motivate employees in performing better and going above and beyond the minimum requirements. There are nine major factors that motivate employees to perform better. These nine factors are: “Respect for me as a person; good pay; chance to turn out quality work; chance for promotion; opportunity to do interesting work; feeling my job is important; being told my boss when I do a good job; opportunity for self-development and improvement; and large amount of freedom on the job. When creating a reward system these factors should be considered. We will focus on implementing these factors in creating a rewards system for human service organizations.

Human service workers have a great need to be rewarded for the efforts, effectiveness, and efficiency because they deal with other people’s problems and issues everyday without allowing their personal feelings or personal issues to get in the way of their performance. Human service workers deserve recognition for the work they provide to others while maintaining the integrity, moral values, and high ethical standards in every situation. Human service workers ensure that regardless of the situation they meet the basic needs of their clients and go above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties involved in the situation.

Most human service organizations are non-profit therefore the money that comes into the organization is usually for specific purposes leaving little options for human service workers to receive monetary rewards. Although monetary rewards may not be an option there are many other ways that human service organizations can...

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