Designing A Reward System

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Designing a Reward System
Ashley Cornell
Kevin Larry
February 7, 2015

Designing a Reward System
A reward system in the Human Service Organization, will show the employees admiration, respect and recognition from the proprietor. By designing a reward system, the staff of the organization will be motivated to perform their daily duties at a much higher quality than they did before the reward system was designed. With the reward system in affect, how the staff performs their duties, will be the main component in the decision making process on who will get which reward. With this particular rewards system, it will be set up in three different categories. Each pay day, once monthly and once yearly. The proprietor will need to set up a time and date to start the reward system as well as setting up a meeting to inform the staff of what will be needed from them to be capable of getting the reward. The proprietor will also need to have periodic meetings as it starts to inform what a member of the staff if missing or lacking to be involved in the chance for the reward, this will be done individually with a member of the staff. At the meetings is when the staff can point out their concerns or what they feel could be changed to make it a better reward system. Reward System

The rewards system main intention is to motivate the staff of the Human service organization to go beyond the call of duty with their work. With this reward system, it will do just that. The rewards will motivate the staff to work harder and more sufficiently to get things done much quicker and effectively. The three categories, each pay day, once monthly and once yearly will give each staff member a chance to get a reward. Each pay day, the staff member or members who went above and beyond with their tasks will get a $50.00 bonus on their check. Once a month, the staff member or members with the most effectiveness with no mistakes will receive a $100.00 bonus. Once a year to the staff member by vote, with the highest quality work with the most motivation will receive a $500.00 bonus, a week’s paid vacation and employee of the year plaque. To make the reward system fair, no one same staff member can receive the pay day reward more than once a month, the monthly reward more than three months a year, depending on how many employees there are, and the yearly reward will be based on the staff member and the proprietor votes. Depending on the number of employees, things can change with how often one individual employee can receive the reward. It will be up to the proprietor to change the reward system when needed. The staff and the proprietor will need to work together as a team to make the reward system work efficiently. If the staff has any concerns or ideas, it will be up to them to take the proprietor to make the necessary changes as well. Factors

There are nine important factors that have to be included in the reward system. 1. Respect for the staff as a person
2. Good pay
3. Chance to turn out quality work
4. Chance for promotion
5. Opportunity to do interesting work
6. Feeling my job is important
7. Being told by my boss when I do a good job
8. Opportunity for self-development and improvement
9. Large amount of freedom on the job
These nine factors have to be in with the reward system. In our text book figure 6.1 page 130 shows a questionnaire that was giving with 25 factors and of the 25 factors the nine I mentioned are the ones the staff looks for. Each employee needs to feel what they are doing is important, they need the freedom to help with the ideas and do what they do while on the job, praise from the proprietor is a must when the staff member is doing what they are supposed to be doing, be able to do interesting things, as well as have good pay, have a chance to have good quality work and have the chance to be promoted when the chance arises. These are...

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Chapter 6 pages 130-151
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