Designing a Reward System

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Designing a Reward System
June 16, 2013
Amanda Enz-Olavarria
Designing a reward system for a human service organization is difficult. In fact designing a reward system where employers and management are both happy is difficult. Employees want something that gives them benefits beyond health insurance and paid time off (PTO). Employees want resect from management, good compensation, a chance to turn out quality work, chances for promotion, opportunities to do interesting work, the feeling that there job is important, being told by the boss “good job” when needed, opportunities for self-development and improvement and finally large amounts of freedom at work. Some of these benefits can be accommodated with no problem like good compensation for example, the more experience someone has the better pay they have a chance of getting. The only problem with someone having many years of experience is that they usually want more compensation then the company can afford to give. Chances for promotion are rare in many companies in today’s world. Society has proven to us that climbing the corporate ladder is not realistic anymore. However, many companies have openings in other departments that pay more money. This usually can satisfy the employees because it’s a chance for growth within the company with more pay but not the title and responsibilities. It has come to my attention that most employees want to be paid more money but don’t want the responsibilities. As I look over all the information I have found on how to design a reward system for employees it makes me wonder how exactly the basic needs are met, how companies come up with competitive benefits, how they distribute benefits equally and how employees are treated as individuals. Before an employer would even think about designing a reward system for his or her place of employment they would need to make sure that nine simple “relationship” changes. Having a trustworthy leadership team is huge, if...

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