Designing Curriculum

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A Critical Analysis of The Barriers to Learning When
Designing Curriculum Within Further Education

The focus of this essay will be to analyse the intended National Curriculum in response to 14-19 reforms in further education. I will critically evaluate the influence this has had on planning curriculum from an Organisational and own teaching prospective. I will also discuss how students have then received the curriculum using relevant theories and models to support this. Further to this I will discuss why I have chosen to concentrate on the role barriers have on student learning when designing the curriculum. ‘I believe that every child and every teenager has equal worth. We owe it to them to give them the chance to show what they can do, to make the most of their talents, to reach their potential. And the key to doing that is to design a system around them – based on high standards, on choice and on meeting individuals’ needs and aspirations.’ Secretary of State 2005 Kelly (1999: p5) defined the term ‘Curriculum’ as ‘all the learning, which is planned and guided, whether carried on in groups or individually’. This definition is very practice-oriented and makes the word sound active, seeming to imply that the teacher and the student have some freedom to design and develop curriculum content. Tummons (2009) Curriculum studies may suggest this refers to the stages of planned or received curriculum. In a broader sense curriculum is some of the experiences students have under the guidance of their educational setting. What this definition ignores is the stage before the curriculum reaches the learning environment: the stage at which it is constructed or designed. The curriculum is much more than what goes on at the point of learning but is about where and why this learning comes from, also know as the Intended Curriculum. The content of what is to be taught, the level, the subject and the eventual outcome are often not the decision of the teacher but are...
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