Designer Lean Production Processes and 5s

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DESIGNER LEAN PRODUCTION PROCESSES AND 5S Authors: Amalia Venera Todoru , Doru Cîrnu Abstract: One of the challenges faced by businesses today is the combined pressure to reduce price and to provide an increased a variety of options at lower volumes. This paper will present what we call 5S method as part of the Lean philosophy. It will explain how to introduce this concept and how can it be adapted in our institutions. 5 S is a Japanese concept. It is a methodical approach for eliminating time and material waste. The reality is that a crowded and unorganized workplace is filled with waste: wasted time when looking for tools , wastes provoked by excessive ,material costs , space waste,etc. All these Japanese words that start with “S” : seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke cam be translated in every language. The idea is that these concepts have penetrated the universal values circuit, even if they have roost – sometimes strong – in each nature. Keywords: 5S, sort, store, shine, standardize, sustain, lean management ,quality, performance

Jel clasification: L15, L16, L25, M10, M11, M16 1.Introduction Interesting is the analysis of the concept of lean production, a concept that depends on the industry domain, on the source or on thr initiation period in Lean organization and its true purpose in adopting the Lean methodology. Amalia Venera Todoru , Ph.D, Professor, “Constantin Brâncu i” University of Tg-Jiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Târgu-Jiu, Romania, e-mail:; Doru Cîrnu, Ph.D, Professor, “Constantin Brâncu i” University of Tg-Jiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Târgu-Jiu, Romania, e-mail:


Amalia Venera Todoru , Doru Cîrnu

Lean production is "smooth" because they use less of everything compared to large series production - half the manufacturing space, half the investment in equipment and half the hours to design a new product. It also requires far less storage of inventory, resulting in fewer defects and a growing variety of products (N ft n il , 2010). At the same time the lean production is a production philosophy, which reduces the time between customer order and manufacturing the required product and the delivery by eliminating waste. A particular interpretation of the Lean concept in the vision of specialists, is that production is a phenomenon that seeks to maximize the results of the number one resource of the company, the labor resource: people. Hence, Lean thinking is a way of adapting to change, waste disposal and continuous improvement. There are many tools and techniques, that used together, maximizes the efficiency of the human resources and thus a company may appear as "Lean" (N ft n il , 2010). Lean management is based on the Japanese 5S concepts. 5S is a methodology for creating and maintaining an organized , clean, efficient and safe work environment. 5S title refers to the five activities falling into the tool, as follows (J. Peterson, R. Smith, 1998): - Sort (division, sort); Seiri - to keep in the area just what is needed to carry out the process. Delete everything else. - Storage (Store), Seiton - to arrange the remaining items after sorting so as to be readily accessible and usable. On this principle are organized work area. - Shine (Shine), Seiso - to regularly clean the work area and the equipment so as to maintain the performance and appearance, as if they were new. - Standardization (standardized), Seiketsu - to eliminate the causes of contamination, the useless things and make everything look "by the book." This standardizes the process of that area. - Support (Sustain), Shitsuke - requires maintaining high level of discipline and continuous performance and not by leaps and bounds.

Designer lean production processes and 5s


2. Logistics Although 5S should be used continuously, the first step...

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