Designer Babies

Topics: Eye color, Genetics, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: October 13, 2013

In the novel “The Giver”, the author shows of a world with all people equal. Everyone had brown eyes, brown hair, and light skin. This story takes place far in the future, when the leaders of the world choose that equality and safety will force the world into utopia. However, this world is no utopia. Genetic scientists create people to have no feelings and to look all the same. Imagine a life with no feelings, everyone looking the same, going through the same exact routine everyday, not even being able to see color! This is just one of the scary realities that can occur if the USA allows “Designer Babies” to be processed. With two main points I will prove to you that legalizing “Designer Babies” is the beginning of our end. To start id like to bust a quick myth that a lot of people really just don’t know; "The only thing you can reliably design is the sex of your baby — if you are willing to discard embryos of the wrong sex," said Bonnie Steinbock, a biomedical ethics professor at the University of Albany who specializes in reproduction. People believe that you can just go out and choose your baby to your specifications. But that’s not how it works. You would have to be dealing with genes to actually choose things like eye or hair color, but they cant, they can only deal with embryos. The opposition might argue “Imagine being able to choose everything about your child; make them perfect!” but as Bonnie Steinbock said this is not the case. You cannot choose everything about your child only their gender and that too is not as accurate as the media tries to make it seem. Now take this into consideration… Spending hundreds maybe thousands of dollars for a 60-70% chance of getting the gender you want. Sorry but those odds just don’t cut it, at least not in the real world. My second and final contention is that as I stated briefly before is that “Designer Babies” are the beginning of our end. Think about it… Isn’t this what Hitler wanted? Execute other types of...
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