Design Specification for a Portable Winch

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Design and Manufacture 3


Design Specification for a Portable Winch The following example PDS contains many aspects of a commercial PDS and was written with advice from a winch design company. A real design brief for a winch would contain many more aspects than outlined here. A PDS for family motor car for example, would have many more categories specific to the product and would require several large manuals to list the 'problem' in detail.

Portable Winch Design Brief From internal market research, it has been decided that IWC need to design a general purpose winch to sell to the cable and pipe laying market sector. The winch should be portable but have mounting points for the end user. It is important that the winch sits within our current range of 'Excel General Purpose winches'. Performance 1.1 Lift / lower a load of 2.5 tonnes (+/- 10%). 1.2 Draw in cable in at a rate of 0.2 m/s. 1.3 The winch drive should cut out when the load exceeds 10% of the specified load. 1.4 Drive to stop lowering load when only 1.5 metres of cable remains on winch drum. 1.5 Winch should operate with forward, reverse, stop and inch facility. 1.6 Any braking system employed, should produce a braking torque of 150% the full load torque. 1.7 Winch should have a manual device to control the brake release and load descent in the event of a power failure. 1.8 In the event of the winch 'overrunning', a manual safety relay/braking device should operate within 1 second or before the load exceeds a speed of 3m/s. 1.9 The product should be portable but with the option for permanent mounting. 1

I. Black 31 August 2009

1.10 The product must use a portable power source, preferably a diesel engine. 1.11 The weight of the product must be sufficient to aid the stability of the product. 1.12 Efficiency of the unit should be high, preferably in the area of 20 - 30%. 1.13 The drum should hold 50m of cable. 2.0 Environment 2.1 The winch drive and power unit should be power unit. 2.2 The unit will be mainly used in European weather conditions. But we could expect sales of about 2% unit volume to the Far East. 2.3 Temperature ranges: -28 ºC - European 12 - 44 ºC - Far East 2.4 The product may experience humid conditions. 2.5 Corrosion resistance may be considered by the use of special materials or surface protection methods. 2.6 Any noise from the equipment should not exceed 95 dB at a distance of 1.0m. 2.7 The winch will be stored in suppliers’ warehouses before sales. 3.0 Product Life Span 3.1 Product will be on the market for 10 years. 3.2 Spare parts will be available for a further 5 years after that. 4.0 Life in Service 4.1 Should withstand an operating period of 1 hr uninterrupted use per day for 5 years. 4.2 Life in service should be assessed against the criteria outlined in the Performance and Environment categories. 5.0 Shelf Life 5.1 The product will be stored on-site for up to 1 month before dispatched. 5.2 Our Far East distributor may store the product for several months. 6.0 Target Costs 6.1 The product should have an end-user cost of £5500 within Britain. 6.2 The cost of manufacture should be less than £2750. 2

I. Black 31 August 2009

6.3 The cost of packaging and shipping should be no more than 15% of the manufacturing cost. 7.0 Quantity 7.1 150 units in the first year, increasing to 800 within four years. 8.0 Maintenance 8.1 To be maintenance free except for light lubrication once a month and a recommended service every two years. 8.2 Parts requiring lubrication should be accessible within 15 minutes without the use of special tools or equipment. 8.3 All fasteners used should comply with BS6105. 8.4 Spares should be available for 5 years after the product is replaced with a new model. 8.5 No special tools should be required for maintenance. 9.0 Marketing 9.1 Initially to be manufactured for the European market but our Far Eastern distributors in...
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