Design Specification

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 Design Specification

Background: (Design Brief)
The design brief is to design a functioning and lasting computer tablet stand. The reason is that there can still be a lot of improvements made to the current computers tablet stands that are on the market.

Product title:
A portable computer tablet stand. The target is to make the work for engineers on the field of work easier.

Intended Markets:
The stand is aimed at engineers. The aim is to make the work for engineers on the field easier.

The product is to be used on the field of work by engineers. The product will be designed to be strong and durable.

To protect the tablet from taking severe damage if dropped. Because it is easy for an engineer to drop their tablet and the tablet will be easily broken from the impact of it being dropped.

Performance requirements:
To have a strap on the back of the cover and to have a stand so that the tablet can be faced at an upright view. This is to help an engineer take down statistics and have a good grip of the tablet whilst holding it out on the field of work.

The product is shaped as it is to help the tablet stand to survive an impact of being dropped. It is like this so that the computer tablet does not get damaged from any impact.

The computer tablet stand has a vorticism design.The computer tablet stand is designed like this so that it will stand out to the public whilst people are browsing the market may it be online or in a store.

Materials and components (weight):
The product will be made of a sturdy and durable plastic.It will be made of this because it will still be fulfilling its purpose and will be useful as the stand will be light in weight.

Production methods:
It will be produced by machines because it will be a quick and easy process. This is so that if another batch of the product were to be ordered by a company it will be a quick...
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