Design of a Hospital Bed

Topics: Patient, Hospital, Physician Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Design of a Hospital Bed
The topic discussed showed the application of electronic, mechanical and programming knowledge to improve a hospital bed that allows it to be an automated lateral turning bed. The research was done due to the lack of funds and budget of Philippine Hospitals to provide patients with a turning bed that is very expensive for them. The paper showed several functions like turning the bed into a certain angle, making it automatic, that can be controlled using the control panel attached on the bed. I can say this is a brilliant way to help the patients allowing sufficient blood flow in the body. This can also be an excellent way to be able to provide a low cost quality bed design to help the patients and hospitals meet their demands. But I have seen that there are still some limitations on the bed. It is specific to one function, it doesn’t have the ability to do other automatic functions like for example the back and leg support that an ordinary hospital bed can provide. But from here, it is a good start of an innovation for hospital beds, which can be used in the Philippine Hospital and at the same time it provided an opportunity to improve the system. However, it also beneficial that they used programming techniques to be able to control the bed but it is a reality that it can be prone to error and computer problems. It is true that certain safety measures should always be considered while using the bed. Because it is used for ill patients, the design should really be carefully evaluated because lack of planning and knowledge on the disadvantages of the bed can also lead to danger of the person who is using it. It is also helpful to coordinate with the health experts and authorities on the design of the bed. I would also suggest that the access for the control of the bed should have certain limitations or password to authorized personnel to avoid the risk and problems on the patient. There are a lot of things which can be improved on the...
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