Design of Goods and Services

Topics: Computer-aided design, Design, Computer-aided engineering Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Nicole Ball


Regal Marine is a family owned operating business that has been around since 1969. Since then its profits and production has doubled. Much of their success is attributed to the time and quality of work that is placed on their boat products and boats. Their products are highly respected throughout the boat industry. Regal Marine’s product life cycle is based on how well the product sells within a 3 to 5 year period. The concept of product life cycle applies to Regal Marine as a way of the company keeping their products a “hot item” and staying within the trends of boats (in less than five years a new product will begin to be less appealing to the customers). In order to keep up with what the customers are looking for Regal Marines strategy to stay competitive is customer tastes, trends, competitive products, material innovations, government regulations and taxes. Due to the fact that their products are only good for such a short period of time it is vital that they consistently come up with new designs and ideas to keep the customers interests (before one boat has become “yesterday’s news” another model has already been put out into the market for selling). Regal Marine keeps the customers involved by welcoming new designs and innovations from the customers as well as hired designers when seeking new ideas for better boats. By using the CAD technology to assist in designing new boats the company saves more money but more importantly more time. The CAD system (Computer Aided Design) not only assists the designer in creating the boat but there are also tolerance checking modes that allow the whole assembly to be manufactured with confidence. This system is able to achieve this because the CAD program can run the "what if" on all parts, which enables the designer to calculate the amount of weight or tolerance each part can handle. If this procedure were to be done using the traditional...

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