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|Design analysis of Katie’s Real chocolate | |[Direct Marketing and Design] | | | |[Required to carry out a basic design analysis of Katie’s real chocolate | |looking at the principles of design, colour theory and corporate visual | |identity] | | | |Ray Barnes | |[18/04/2012] | | | Table of Contents


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“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration” (Jeffrey Zeldman). Every person making a website has something different to communicate and in order to ensure clear communication one must use design. In this report I am going to carry out a design analysis of Katie’s real chocolate website and look at how her brand image is conveyed through the website, suggest some ways in which she could improve on her current strategy, take a look at her packaging and also compare and contrast her website with some of her direct competitors.

Katie set up her shop in Bandon 1 year ago on the first of April 2011 and immediately set up her website so that potential customers could see what she has to offer. The brand image that she has is of a business that is fun and creative and she is willing to try anything to get her brand in the minds of her customers. A number of ideas and events that she has done so far which shows the fun and creative side of her brand would be:

• She is topical with her chocolate (made tractors for NAMA, chocolate shots and beer) • Came up with a super hero character who is involved in a number of different stories (helped Ronan o gara, ran for president etc.) • Gets her staff to dress up on events (Christmas, Halloween etc.)

These events and ideas clearly show the kind of brand image that Katie is trying to portray, but is this image portrayed on her website?

Katie’s website and logo

For me the simple answer is no. I am going to first take a look at the colour aspect of her website which is one of the most important elements of good design. Colour is the quickest way of conveying non-verbal communication and it is known to attract and hold customers attention. A recent study also showed that 92.6% of people put most importance on visual factors when impulse buying and as Katie is planning to have an online shop in the near future it is important to get the colour aspect of her website right to try catch out a few impulse buyers. Katie’s website has a brown backdrop with a number of pictures including tables, brown packaging etc. which means there is no contrast. Contrast on a web page draws our eyes to it and the functions of it are simple. It is used to create an interest on the page and to aid in the organisation of the information. Even Katie’s sub heading of “chocolate selection” is in a different shade of brown from the background which creates very little contrast at all and the other writing on the page is in grey. Do the colours grey and brown really portray an image of a brand that is fun and creative? Not in my opinion anyway. I can understand why Katie decided that it would be a good idea to use brown on her website given that the colour of chocolate is in fact brown, but, this colour does not represent a brand that is fun and cheerful. At the moment the dark colours on her...
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