Design Goals and Requirements

Topics: Project management, Sensors, Stakeholder analysis Pages: 4 (731 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Design Goals
-To design a robot to assist in a variety of search and rescue missions during disaster situations earthquake -Robot must be controlled remotely and should be able to enter fallen structure and navigate around obstacles via commands sent from a remotely located operator. -Robot should be able to locate survivors and deliver a small package such as a communication device or location marker to help rescuers determine victim’s location and condition. Solutions

-Robot tethered through serial cable and controlled via a PS3 controller -Robot consists of infrared sensor to locate victim and proximity sensor to monitor distance between robot and survivor.

I. Requirement and Stakeholder Analysis
a. Many parties are involved in the construction, testing, and operation of the USRR, and thus a stakeholder analysis allows a clear picture of what is required (and requested) of all parties. The following table summarizes the stakeholders involved, with their respective requirements:

Stakeholders| Requirements|
Fire/Police Departments, EMS| * Speedy operation * Precise operation * High temperature resistance| Victim| * Speedy operation * Precise operation * Easily identifiable| Regulatory Bodies| * Complies with all existing safety regulations * Easy adaptability to new regulations| Taxpayers| * Low cost * High life expectancy|

Development/Testing/Support Teams| * User-friendly * Easy maintenance| Sales and Marketing Team| * Highly marketable * Aesthetically appealing * Able to be demonstrated easily| Investors| * Low manufacturing cost|

Manufacturer| * Able to be constructed easily with existing machinery * Low manufacturing cost| Global Community| * Environmentally-friendly * Low power consumption * Able to effectively display usability of renewable materials| Component suppliers| * Supplies all necessary components of the robot. * Inexpensive|

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