Design Fashion Implementation Plan

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My Design Fashion Implementation Plan

My Design Fashion Implementation Plan
The Blue Group selected online personalized fashion as its product to implement. The idea for My Design Fashion is to create a new business or expand an existing business that allows shoppers to select pieces of clothing and design them to their personal fashion tastes. Online tools such as a virtual dressing room will be provided to provide an even more personalized experience. Previously this concept was used in the ideation phase and now the Blue Group has been tasked with moving it through the realization process by identifying the value My Design Fashion will provide customers, explaining the steps used to implement the product, applying a newly selected , and identifying the strengths and weaknesses found during the this process. Product Value

Skarzynski and Gibson would describe My Design Fashion as a business model innovation which serve unmet needs of customers, provide new benefits, or deliver value in an unconventional way (2008, Ch 5, p. 1). The My Design Fashion business model innovation solves many of the problems normally experienced when shopping for clothing online. Shoppers will have the tools to know that the garment is going to fit the way they want it to. Time and money will be saved in eliminating returns due to dissatisfaction or poor fit. The clothing pieces will be pre-made and adjustments will be made to the customer’s specifications. This will allow quick delivery and also provide a customized garment at an affordable price. Business Link writes that “knowing and understanding customer needs is at the center of every successful business”. Once organizations have this knowledge, they can use it to persuade customers that buying from them is in their best interests (n.d.). The primary need met by My Design Fashion’s product is a sense of identity and increased self confidence. It is important for women to feel comfortable in their clothing and feel that they look good. Women are willing to pay a little more for clothing they really like and that make them look good. Knowing that they can get this from My Design Fashion will attract women to the site and increase sales. Product Development or Management Process, Methodology or Model The New Product Development Process provided by the Reference for Business Encyclopedia of Business outlines the seven-step process used by most companies (Mayo, 2012).

Figure 1. New Product Development Process, Factors and Strategies (Mayo, 2012)

The first three steps of the process were explored in the Blue Group’s previous paper. Idea generation took place when each member submitted an innovative idea for the group’s consideration. During the idea screening step, all ideas were considered by applying an ideation model to each one and the idea which showed the most promise for implementation was selected. The third stage of concept development was started when the group outlined the concept and how it could work. In order to complete this stage, market research must be performed to obtain the opinions of the consumers. The next stage of business analysis will analyze My Design Fashion’s concept for its marketability and costs. During the first four stages, little monetary investment has been made to the new idea. It is at this point that the group would decide if the idea is worth moving forward. Prototype development is the fifth stage and is where the concept is converted into an actual product and where costs begin to grow. During this phase, My Design Fashion would create clothing samples and a prototype website. Organizations often use quality function deployment (QFD) when creating the prototype which links the needs of the customer (end user) with design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and service functions. The product must satisfy the customer needs while meeting required quality levels at a specified cost. Test marketing occurs at the sixth stage. My...

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