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NAME jeff_______________________________DATE3/24/2012____________ THE 2000THEATRE APPRECIATIONTEST GUIDE #2

What is a rectangular theatre with the stage at one end of the rectangle and seating on only one side called? proscenium theatre

What is a round or square stage completely surrounded by the audience called? Arena stage

What difficulty might a set designer working in theatre in the round experience? how they see themselves, and how others percieve us.

What designer aids actors the most in helping them discover the psychology of character?

What is a flexible theatre space called in which the stage space and the configuration of the audience space can be changed from production to production?
black box theatre


What gives the play its title?
The names of two real estate developments.

Which leads does Levene want Williamson to give him in the restaurant? Glengarry Highlands

What reason does Williamson give Levene for refusing to split up the two leads he is considering selling to Levene? Because i say so.

What reason does Roma give Aaronow to always tell the truth to the police? Its the easiest thing to remember.

Which of the following does Levene NOT claim to have done?
Taught Moss everything he knows.

To whom does Moss plan to sell the stolen leads?
Jerry Graff

Which two characters does Moss approach to commit the robbery for him? Aaronow and Levene.

Which of the following is NOT part of Roma's speech to Lingk in the restaurant? I’ll tell ya (pause.) When we look into the abyss, it looks into us too.

What is Baylen's job?
Police detective.

What identity does Roma invent for Levene to trick Lingk?
D. Ray Morton, director of european sales and services for american express.

How does Williamson figure out that Levene robbed the office? Levene reveal that he knows that Lingk contract was on williamsons desk last night.

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