Design and Critically Analyse International Marketing Strategy for a Company / Brand of Your Choice

Topics: International trade, Marketing, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Coursework Title: Design and critically analyse international marketing strategy for a company/ brand of your choice. [5,000 word count]

Student Name: Bingham, Adam
MSc: International Business
Word count:
Module code: N14 B46
Module: Essentials of International Marketing (Core module)
Module convenor: Ekaterina Nemkova
Date of submission:
Deadline date: Monday 13th May 2013


High marks will be awarded for work that demonstrates excellent understanding surrounding the key issues and a well structured systematic discussion. You are expected to have read widely around the subject area and have been able to integrate this reading to support your critical analysis. Please include evidence to support your discussion (e.g. academic papers, trade press, newspaper references, etc.).

Additional Information:
Articles in academic journals, or those suggested in the Readings, will cover the generic theories covered in the lectures, but will not provide you with detailed information on your chosen company/ brand. You are likely to find information on the specific companies/ brands on company websites, in the trade press, newspaper articles, etc. Before making a final choice about a company/ brand, be sure that you are able to collect enough information! Think in terms of the following: (1) how can you collect enough information and (b) how can you demonstrate that this information is reliable.


The aim of this report is to find the ultimate market for Ferrari S.P.A. This task will initially start off with really basic screening processes to eliminate the obvious countries where there will be very little demand if any demand for this particular product. However when exploring deeper into this project, many complexities arise which encourages engaging in a more specific and detailed screening processors later on. In which this paper concludes that………………………

1.1 Introduction...

Within this report its intentions...
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