Deserted Island Paragraph

Topics: Law, Common law, 2006 albums Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Thivagar Sriganeshan
February -20-2012

Deserted island paragraph

In a deserted Island scenario, it’s best to have a government that is ruled by the people. There are three main reasons why rule of law would benefit everyone on a deserted island. Firstly, the people have the right to elect anyone that best represents them. Therefore, the leader of the island will be majority of the people’s favorite. This way, the leader(s) will attempt to bring what is best for the people in order remain in power. Secondly, the people would have freedom to express their opinion. In a deserted island, everyone must be taken care. And if basic needs are not met, people should be able to express their concerns without having any fear. If the island establishes rule of force, people would be scared to express their concerns and they will continue to live without certain needs and this could slow down the progress of their society and create big gap between rich and the poor or. Therefore, establishing rule of law almost guarantees that the citizens will receive their needs to survive on the island. Third, behind every rule of force, there is bloodshed. Most of the countries perusing rule of force such as China, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Syria and etc are well known for having violent history and some of them still continue oppress their citizens. Therefore the best choice is rule of law. The people can elect who they want; express their opinion and they can live in a much safer environment. These are the reasons why rule of law would best suit on a deserted island scenario.
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