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deserted island

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Deserted island

My name is Lisa. This year I’m thirteen years old. I live in Queenstown, New Zealand. My house is a villa near the sea because my parents like sea, and from my bedroom you can see the best view of the sea. It seems to me that toward evening, the sea is the most beautiful, and usually at that time I just sit down near the window and enjoy the scene. I have a sister called Rosely, she is one year older than me. Our personalities are quite similar, so we are very good friends, and we keep no secrets from each other. Our family likes to travel, but this year my parents are busy, and Rosely has a lot of homework. My parents said that I am already a teenager so they let me to go to Fiji by myself . I am looking forward to travel and to having adventure by myself.

Three weeks latering. Finally the day is coming. I am on the ship, just waiting for another hour before I can be there. But suddenly, it starts raining. It looks like there is a big storm is starting. The scene that you can usually only see it on the TV really happened to me. Our ship sank and I am the only one who survived besides a dog. I am on the lifeboat with a dog. I don’t know what my life is going to be, tiredness makes me fall asleep on the boat.

I wake up naturally and it’s already in the afternoon. The sun is very shiny, and the sky is pure blue just as the seawater. Suddenly I find my boat is on the beach, and I am on land now. I stand up and start walking around. I find out that it’s an island and it is a quiet island you can only hear the water. I yell “Hello” but no one answer. I am a little bit sad and disappointed but the dog seems very excited. He runs along the beach and comes back to me. I give him a name called “Bol”. He is a golden retriever, and he is very nice and friendly. Suddenly, I see something floating on the seawater. I run to there, and Bol follows me. I find it is a suitcase. I drag it on the beach open it, and I find some cloth, a hat, a pair of scissors, a comb, and a small mirror. I think they are very useful and precious, so I treat them as treasure. I find a dry safe place and put it there. Now I am considering this place as my living place. It is not far from the beach and there is a big tree next to it. The next few days I begin my adventure with Bol. On this island, I find coconut trees and banana trees, and there are lots of wild berries. These are the biggest discoveries today, so I can get a food source and won’t die from hunger. I eat a lot and take as much as I can back to my home. Actually Bol is the guide because he knows where our home is. He uses his sensitive nose to find our home. Through the adventure I find that no one lives in this island, which is pretty sad. The weather is pretty good, it is warm but not hot. The scene is very pretty on the island, you can see lots of tropical birds and fishes. I have a good time with Bolon the island.

As the time passes, I find that Bol is very important to me, and I don’t know if I can survive without him. He also helps me psychologically. Whenever I am with him I feel I am not alone. Sometimes we will play on the beach. Now the challenge for me is when night comes and there is no light, it is super dark, and I can’t even see my fingers clearly. This darkness makes me feel so lonely and I miss my family so much. At that time I will stay close to Bol, because it makes me feel better. I miss Rosely and my parents and remember when I was at home. I remember the happy time when I was with Rosely. Now I don’t know if I will see her again in my life time! Those few days the night seemed so long for me.
One month later, I wake up in the morning and find Bol isn’t here. I start calling his name but after a while I don’t see any response. Until noon I can’t find him, and I start feeling a bit nervous. I start searching for him. I go to the beach, the jungle and all the places that we went, but come back by myself. I am so disappointed because I lost my only friend. The tears won’t stop coming down from my eye, this moment my heart is filled with sadness. For the next few days, I do nothing, I can’t make myself stop thinking about Bol. I can’t make myself stop feeling extremely sad. First I lost contact with my family and now I have lost my only friend on this island. This is a really hard time for me, and I didn’t eat for a few days.

One day while I am eating wild fruits, I see a big boat near my island, I am so excited because there is hope for me to go back to my home. I run to my home, take all the clothes I have, and made a big “SOS” on the beach. Luckily someone on the boat sees me. And it starts sailing to the island. I am so lucky that I can be rescued!

After I have been on the deserted island for nearly two month I finally return to my home, everything is so familiar. When I see my parents and Rosely, tears start coming down. That’s the happiest moment I’ve ever had. I tell them about my adventure on that island and my friend Bol.

Now when I see the sea through the window, I have a different feeling. Those days that I was on the island with Bol become precious memories for me. I still miss Bol a lot, and he often appears in my dreams. Through this adventure, I learned a lot and changed a lot. I became a mature girl and won’t be defeated by problems that easily. And, I learned how to survived in wild.

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