Desert Communications Call Center: Operational Changes

Topics: Management, Goal, Success Pages: 5 (1501 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Desert Communications Call Center Operational Changes

The most important thing when implementing changes to a company is to come up with a good action plan. “A business without a viable action plan is like a ship without a rudder. Because business success requires staying on course toward a long-term goal, it's essential to have a plan that you can follow,” (, 2012). It ensures a company can implement successfully an action and monitoring plan. The action plan will determine how successful the changes will be introduced and implemented. In the case of Desert Communications Call Center, the company is trying to increase their profits for the company to stay afloat with the ever changing communication, technology market. The ultimate goal of the action plan is to increase the profits of the Desert Communications Call Center. This should be done through limiting cost, shortening the process time, changing the way the product is conveyed to the customer, and the production cost.

Immediate Action
Before the new changes there was no incentive for employees to see the additional services. This needs to change. By offering incentives it encourages the employees to be motivated and dedicated in selling the additional features and services. The employees need to sell the additional features and services to maximize the company’s profit. To accomplish these employees must be education on the new features and services that the company will be providing. All the employees should have access to the products and services, so that they can describe firsthand how beneficial they are. Next the company needs to offer the customer a satisfaction-based survey on his or her experience with the employees and with his or her new services and products. They can do this by e-mail or switching the customer over to another representative. Managers also need to be observing each employee’s dialogue, to make sure they are to the point. Employees need to be more efficient when selling the new products on the phone. This would allow them to answer more phone calls. Finally, managers need to recognize and reward employees and teams for the highest product sales. This will help motivate the employees to work hard.

Training Development
Desert Communications requires the managers to develop a training plan that conveys to multiple audiences within the organization. To develop a training plan, a manager must compare the effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, and size of the group. In this case, the group consists of 10 people. Desert Communications is requiring that each person must attend training to gain knowledge of the additional services the company will offer. The manager must assess the employee based on the percentage of services each can sell during a service call, and the required job functions previously implemented.

The manager will require the formal group of 10 to attend training during the nonworking hours. This time frame will ensure that each member attends training without losing any regular wages. The employees will be paid overtime for this training and will receive a free meal. The manager will ensure any language barriers do not exist. First the group will watch videos and read articles about companies who have been successful in wireless telecommunications sales. The group will brainstorm about how they can be more effective in the selling technique of the new products. Second the group will vote on which ideas best fits the group and the goals. Third the manager will assemble a strategy for the group to follow when selling the new products. If a stronger salesperson exists in the group, a struggling group member will transfer the call to the stronger salesperson to ensure the success of the sale. The team must work together to be successful. The manager will make the strategy user-friendly for the group members. Each week the group will meet to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of...
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