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Advanced Baking and Patisserie
Chef Kopsick
January 7

Pumpkin Buñuelitos

Growing up in a Cuban household, I have been introduced to some of riches, most decadent, most flavorful desserts known to the common Hispanic culture. But, there is not one dessert that has caught my attention or the amusement of my palate more than Buñuelos “Almibar”. Yeah its not the most difficult dessert to make, but it packs a punch to your taste buds. A dessert typically seen throughout the holiday season, it has become a concept recipe in which has been massed produced. Buñuelos are seen to be the Spanish-speaking countries' answer to doughnuts or fritters. These bits of fried dough come in all sizes, shapes and flavors, ranging from savory to sweet. Around the world, people are enticed by these little balls or flat cakes of dough, typically crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Soft dough made out of wheat-based flour, egg, salt, and broken down yucca that has been boiled in order to become pliable, formed into figure 8’s. Then lightly fried to a golden brown and covered with anise infused simple syrup. You are probably asking yourself, what makes this simple recipe so delicious? It’s just fried dough with syrup. Yeah its Fried dough with syrup, but it’s the beautiful and delicious taste of simplicity within the dessert. I am a person who does not find the need to continue a dessert after one bite. One spoonful of a presented dessert is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. When it comes to buñuelos “almibar”, one is never enough. First prepared in Spain and then brought to Latin America: Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia being some of the typical buñuelos consumers are very familiar with the concept, but all twist it up in there own way. Each country gives them its special touch. In Mexico they add honey and cinnamon; in Colombia they are salty, with cheese and corn; In Venezuela they are filled with apple,...

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