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Desdemona’s principal character traits

Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, who is in the upper class of society. Desdemona apparently has many suitors for her hand in marriage, but she chooses to marry Othello instead. Her decision upsets her father as well as Iago and Roderigo. Desdemona is a very well-rounded character and has many character traits. Some of those traits are being independent, witty, and submissive. Desdemona shows she is very independent in one particular part of the play. This moment comes after she has secretly married Othello. Desdemona stands up to her father about her choice to marry without his knowledge. She is very confident in her decision and proudly confesses her love for Othello. Ironically, Desdemona spends a great amount of time trying to convince Othello of her fidelity to him and also to convince him she is not too independent. Desdemona proves to be very witty. She displays this wit when she encounters Iago in Act II. Desdemona shows she is very good at getting what she wants and is very feisty and confident. She later displays that same wit when she encounters Othello and asks him to forgive Cassio. Desdemona is very persuasive. Desdemona is at times a very submissive character. One of those times is when Othello arrives to murder her as she lays in her bed. After she is smothered by Othello, Emilia asks her who did this. Desdemona’s reply is that she did this herself. Desdemona willingly takes credit for her own murder. Desdemona lies about the handkerchief because she learns of the history of the handkerchief. Othello tells her of how the handkerchief has a special magic and was made from blessed silk worms. He also tells her that his dying mother gave it to him so that he could give it to his wife when he gets married. At that point, Desdemona realizes that Othello will hate her if he knew she lost the handkerchief and that is the reason she lies to him. In this...
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