Descriptive: T-bone Steak and Pan

Topics: T-bone steak, Vegetable, Onion Pages: 3 (1335 words) Published: April 10, 2010
Juan Olivarez
English 1301PW1
Descriptive Essay
Stepping through the door, that familiar smell creeps through my mind and I can't refrain from grinning from ear to ear. As I take my next step, my heart pounds and my head goes numb with a sense of bliss and satisfaction I will soon be experiencing. Placing the bags down slowly, I can't help but feel them slipping from my grasp as my palms sweat from the anxiety from the moment that is no more than just an hr away. The trill and excitement I get from seeing my girlfriend cook is something that is erotic, even though the act itself is so innocent. Taking the items out of the bag, slowly I make sure one last time that the list she gave me is complete and all items are checked off. With the excitement of a young child asking for a delicious piece of candy, I call out her name.

Walking in the room with a smile that lights up the room, like a flare lighting up a dark place and making an eerie setting feel like home, she looks at me and sighs to me letting me know the theatrics are about to start. She starts off by slowly, yet sensually slipping the apron over her head and tightly fastening the belt around her curvy and luscious hips. Pulling a hair clip off from her sleeve, she throws her head forward and grasps her hair with a stiff yet subtitle movement and then proceeds to lift her head as she clinches the clip in her soft and beautiful brown hair. One by one she places the items on the counter with a look of urgency to fill my pallet with the delicious food she prepares with her own two hands. She finally takes out a thick and hardy T-bone steak, as pink as a rose on a beautiful spring day, an onion as yellow as bright as the sun. Finally the long and healthy asparagus comes out waiting to feel the heat of the pan and sting of the oil it will sauté in. Bending down she pulls out a pan and firmly grasps the handle like a soldier going into battle with her weapon of...
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