Descriptive Volleyball Victory Paper

Topics: 2002 albums, Game, Serve Pages: 2 (980 words) Published: October 5, 2011
If only I had seen it coming. If only I had known before, I sincerely believe from the very depths of my heart that life itself would be more beautiful. I am genuinely thankful for April 17th 2011, my 15th birthday where my faith in religion was renewed. I hope that upon reading my experience, other people will be able to share the enlightenment that I had on that glorious day. I had never been the person who went to church weekly or said grace before meals which in my opinion made this day so special because my eyes were opened to the happiness faith can bring an individual. So far to the current moment, the most important experience I have had was one which brought me closer to God. When I awoke on that Sunday morning, I visited my grandmother who was living with us at the time. Being an extremely religious 88 year old woman, my grandma (Nonna) wished me a happy birthday and handed me the most beautiful gold necklace. It shined with such brilliance and there was an angel depicted on the front. She explained to me that it was a guardian angel and she believed it had helped her through tough times. Without a second thought I accepted the thoughtful gift and left for my championship volleyball tournament which consisted of 12 teams. Upon arrival, we checked in and progressed to the gym. The sharp smell of wax felt cold in my nose as I met up with my team. I still had my birthday card from my grandmother with me so before our first game I read it and it mentioned that in its origin, my name meant that the lord has answered and how thankful she was to be able to see me grow up. I put it away and played 11 teams. Our team was completely worn out to a point where I could feel sweat collect and swiftly stream down my back. I was burning but my skin was cold when the final game began for the championship title. Our team was desperate, tired, and hopeless. It is impossible to win a game with that way . The game had a rough start, we knew we would lose and we all tried...
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