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Topics: Slumdog Millionaire, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Dev Patel Pages: 3 (1300 words) Published: October 25, 2010
1. Describe the context I which the action takes place. Which elements of the film give information about the context? How does the context affect communication patterns between the characters? The film Slumdog Millionaire takes place in modern day India and goes in and out of the past and present slums of India. Jamal Malik is a young boy from the slums and is best friends with his brother, Salim Malik. The slums of India contain nothing but dirt roads, half build huts and outhouses to use the restroom, which is all adjacent to a trash dump yard. The communication throughout the film is spoken in mainly Hindi, with some English. The communication between the characters is pretty even with each other, in the sense that everyone understands each other. 2. Describe different social and cultural identities that emerge in the course of the film. How are these identities constructed? How can the communication perspective help in understanding the identities of the characters? What is the relationship between identity and context? Do identities and associated issues change for particular characters over the course of the film? What influences these changes? The movie progresses, Jamal and Salim must fend for themselves. They stick with each other through thick and thin. The language reveals about each character shows different personalities between the two brothers but just they way they converse with each other and other characters. For Jamal, he is always in the present and soaking up what’s going on around him, which helps him to become the next millionaire based on his life experiences. He also is a very people person, kind hearted and is always caring for others, such as Latika, his love, and even strangers. Salim, is a very passive person, doesn’t care about anything but himself, and Jamal. Salim is also the go with the flow type, constantly adapting to his surroundings and making the best out of that life. The personalities shown in these two characters show...
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