Descriptive Statistics Paper

Topics: Standard deviation, Mean, Median Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Descriptive Statistics paper
July 24, 2011

Descriptive Statistics paper
The information below is a continuance of week two, week three, and on week four. The previous assessment in week two on “real estate research” for thinking of hypothesis on home values in Alvarado, Texas. The evaluating on real estate prices reveals a purpose of this research paper and its importance findings. The discoveries include problem definition, and on variables. The next assessment was on week three on “data collection” on reviewing literatures, sampling design, and on any ethical concerns with collection data on the same topic. A summary was assembled in week three on terms of population, sampling size, and factors on real estate. This research found house prices to change in each different region. This is week four paper on “descriptive statistics” on real estate in Alvarado, Texas. The information below will consist of; data analysis, data using graphic and tabular techniques, and on skew values, histogram measures, and on central tendency. The Central tendency is the measures of numerical summaries used to summarize data with a one number. The most common used are mode, mean, and median. The Hypothesis is "homes more or less expensive fifteen miles away from the center of the city"? The comparison will come from the City of Arlington, Texas, and Cedar Hill. The mode is the data that happens most frequently in the data set and within Arlington Texas the mode is $182,744 and $221,309 outside of Arlington. The mean gives the average of the data set by adding all the values and dividing by n; that represents the totals number of data values. The mean is $108,448 outside of Arlington, Texas and within Arlington the mean is $144,138. The median is basically dividing the data into two equal halves; each half would have “fifty percent” of the data. The median is the numerical value where the data is broken down and within Arlington, Texas out of “twenty-one”...
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