Descriptive Statistic Paper

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Descriptive Statistics Paper
September 27, 2010

In this paper Team B will examine the data that we have collected and we will draw a conclusion based on your findings, to get to the conclusion we will analyze the data using descriptive statistics, we will calculate the measures of central tendency, and dispersion, we will also show all the information with graphics and tables for a better understanding of the date, after all these steps are executed we will draw our conclusion. Data Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics

Through this paper, Team B will use the philosophy of descriptive statistics to describe the main feature of the collection of data quantitatively (Main PS 1995). Descriptive statistics will provide simple summaries about the samples and the measures. In essence, we will show a summary of the data that the team has collected. Some of the ways that we will show the data collected will be in the form of first central tendency which is the distribution locates the center of a distribution of values. The three types of the central tendency are the mean, the median and the mode. Secondly, we will look at the dispersion which is the spread of values around the central tendency (Dodge 2003). The standard deviation is a more accurate way of measuring the dispersion. Thirdly, the use of graphics and tables to illustrate the data collected in a visual background. Fourthly there is the frequency distribution. In the frequency distribution is a summary of the ranges of values. Frequency distribution can be shown by the team in graphic or tables that will be presented. Finally the use of the histogram will be depicted in the team analysis of the data that was collected.

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