Descriptive Paragraph

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Descriptive Paragraph
28, January, 2012
Nia is my wife and I’s female Pitt Bull dog. She weighs about forty eight pounds, and stands approximately two feet high, and is twelve years old. Nia, has a unique fur coat, she is brindle and white. Nia’s, brindle fur coat is a black and brownish gold pattern. The right side of her face is solid white and the left side is a beautiful brindle. The two colors are evenly and perfectly split down the middle of her face, which makes her look like she has two very different faces. Along the right side of her face are tiny black freckles that outline her nose and they go all the way down and across her mouth. Her lips look like she has black lipstick on with specks of pink on them, and her nose is a solid dark black. She has deep dark brown eyes, which seem to have never lost that puppy dog look in them, and they are outlined in black like eyeliner, that match her lips. Nia’s, paws are solid white and the rest of her body is brindle all the way up to her ears, down her legs and throughout the length of her tail. She also has un-cropped ears that are long and floppy. When her ears are raised Nia, sometimes looks like Dumbo the elephant. She is missing her front two middle teeth on the top. My wife and I used to refer to them as Nia’s pinchers, because she used to always pinch us with them to get our attention. Today my wife has a red and white Ohio State Buckeye bandana tied around her neck, with a hot pink dog collar that reads princess, and is lined in black. As a youngster, Nia was a rambunctious dog that loved to jump and chew things up. In her older age, she has come to have a calm, laid back, and friendly demeanor to herself. We have had Nia, since she was four weeks old and she is a cherished member of our family. She is and has always been a very loving, beautiful, and unique dog.
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