Descriptive Paper on Grandfather

Topics: Korean War, Solitary confinement, Douglas Aircraft Company Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: October 16, 2008
There are many people in life to admire. When asked most people’s minds become as clogged as a Friday five o’ clock traffic jam on a Chicago highway. But there is usually one person that lingers in the back of your mind. That one person you look up to like a superhero leaping enormous skyscrapers with but one agile bound. Or maybe someone who as far back as you can remember has been the spider in the web of your family that has kept it together. The person I admire is a man of unconditional kindness, tenderness, and love. He is a man of many great accomplishments who has brought me many joyous childhood moments. That man is my Grandpa William Wetzel, or “Papa” as I call him.

My Papa is an average looking elderly man. He stands five foot seven, short and stocky, built like a bulldog. His eyes are as dark of a green as grass in a well watered yard. He always has this deep, serious look when he talks to you. His hair is the color of snow on the bottom, ash on top. He is seventy five years old and still moves as if he were a twenty year old athlete. His kindness is known throughout his community. Sometimes when I am over at my Papa’s and Nana’s house the kids come running up with eager looks on their faces with the thought that my Papa will answer the door with suckers as if he were Santa Clause giving out presents on Christmas. He is a very loving man to my Nana and the rest of us. He has been married for 50 long, happy years. Still to this day you can see his face glow like a lantern in the night when he sees my Nana.

Through my Grandfather’s seventy five years of long, hard work which is his life, he has accomplished many things. At age 18, he was unexpectedly drafted into the military during the Korean War. Luckily while in training to become an Infantry Mortar man the war ended two weeks before graduation. He was as happy as a Bee in honey that he would not have to be deployed. During his service he was stationed in the famous Ft. Knox,...
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