Descriptive & Inferential Statistics

Topics: Statistics, Sociology, Psychology Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
The study of statistics plays a significant role in each of our lives. Statistics is a method often used in every scientific field to relay important information found, support new theories as they are developed and keep our society aware and up to date with the issues that affect us and what type of effect they have. From a psychological standpoint statistics provides each individual with the tools necessary to understand the work of psychologists before us and aides in the way we report what we find so that it is useful to those that will supersede. The concept of statistics is divided into two major branches of statistical methods known as descriptive and inferential statistics. To comprehend the study as a whole statisticians recommend individuals began focusing on descriptive statistics because it provides a better understanding and smooth transition into inferential. According to descriptive statistics are commonly used to summarize or describe a group of numbers in a research study while inferential takes the idea a step further to draw conclusions and make suggestions according to the numbers in the study however providing Functions of Statistics

Statistics have a particular purpose and a list of functions in regards to not only psychology but also psychological research as well. Statistics and psychology balance out and need the other. The purpose of statistics is the reason why we have psychology; everything we know about psychology was founded by research and statistics. For example a therapist might find it difficult to develop awareness among the differences and similarities between children is there were no statistics available to help in summarizing observations. Statistics also help inform therapist in associating and relationships between different characteristics and experiences of children whether it be sexual abuse, ADHD, gender, or age. These are all examples of why we need statistics in the...
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