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Descriptive Essay : Playing Basketball

Topics: Basketball / Pages: 2 (671 words) / Published: Feb 1st, 2008
Basketball is not a sport for everyone it takes a lot of dedication, strength, and teamwork. I have played basketball since I was seven years old. The love that I have for the game is indescribable, if by chance I could never play again, my soul would be a hollow lifeless shadow. From the Separating White Line I glance up at the scoreboard; the clock reads 15 seconds left in the fourth quarter. My team is down by 4 points; we have to score a three-pointer and have no time-outs left. I yell out the play for a three-pointer and a two-pointer, now the perfectly spherical ball is put in my hands. Taking a short glance to the clock I saw time was running out. The only objects I see are two tall defensive players bearing down on me. Somehow I release the ball, just in time as a defender tries to block my shot. Miraculously the ball finds its way into the hoop, with 6 seconds left and the clock stopped, the other team calls a timeout. I jog to our bench, my coach waiting on the sideline to discuss the most effective play for the situation.

Upon my arrival I realize the scowl usually on my raging coach?s face has disappeared; in its place is a huge grin. He slaps me on the hand and tells me how good the offense is looking. The many things he has instilled in his players appear to be coming together for at least four quarters. It?s about time we have suffered through four straight losses, and have barely put any points on the scoreboard all season. My coach brushes the few hairs that have kept their pigment through the strenuous season. He is a man that really yells a lot and never says any positive comments, but he knows what he is doing on the basketball court. All that?s left is sweat and tears on the floor. The crowd is on their feet as if it were the championship play off game. My team is now down buy 1 point, and the coach tells the team to steal the ball and try to get it to me. What??? Are you serous, I have never been so scared in my entire life. As my team and I head towards the floor I glance up at my parents in the crowed and they have this huge grin on their face. That?s all I need to get my confidence up. As I steal the ball the defense pressures me the whole way up the court. I drive past them and I get an open 15-foot jump shot. I take it and miraculously it goes in the team doesn?t have time to score again before the buzzer runs out and we win the game by one point.

The Basketball court is a special place to me because it?s my passion, my calling. Basketball is more than a sport to me it?s the one thing that defines me the most, from the first second I step onto the court to the last fan leaving the gym that night. I love every aspect of the game, even loosing, because it can only teach you your mistakes. I have always loved to watch basketball even when I was 7 years old I told my family I was going to play college basketball, and now I am. Some say I have an obsession but it isn?t obsession. It is love. I hope to play overseas after I finish school, preferably in Italy because they have a good team and I am part Italian, and it would be an amazing experience.

In conclusion if I could never play basketball again I would have an empty soul, nothing could replace that feeling of stepping on to the court to hear the screaming crowd cheering your team on. And if for some reason I was unable to play again I would never have the feeling of a full gym chanting your name after an amazing game.

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