Descriptive Essay on Human Happiness

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Psychology 20

How I see want to be seen and known as

The person society wants me be and the person who I actually am most likely are completely different. Society is always posting how we should be, what we should wear and what we need to do to become this person that they want us to become. And this is almost always just so we buy these objects. Just as society is always trying to get me to be, so are my friend’s family and associates.

My family is probably the biggest influence on me. My family has influenced me in a lot of ways and most of those ways have been very positive ways. My parents see me as a great son that has been for the most part successful in life. They also see me as a good husband because I treat my wife well and always make her happy. How I think my parents should see me and as they see me are for the most part correct but I am always trying to make my image better in my parent’s eyes. I am one of four children so it’s kind of hard to be the most successful one. My wife has always been there for me and has not just been an amazing spouse but an amazing friend that is extremely honest which is not always a good thing because she calls me on nearly everything that I do wrong or that she doesn’t agree with and for the most part she gives me positive feedback on how I could change but I almost never listen to her because I think that if someone honestly loves you they should just deal with the way you are unless the thing they want to change is something that you believe would better you. So all in all I think my wife sees me as a stubborn guy but understandable and will listen and respond, the reason why I say respond is because listening is one thing but responding is a whole other because we used to have the problem of just yelling but not responding to the thing that was actually being said. How I would like my wife to see me and how I think she sees me are not much alike. I would like her to see me as a strong loving...
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