Descriptive Essay- My life with Grandma

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Female Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: November 20, 2013

English comp 1
Week 3
My Life with Grandma

Gladys is a petite woman in stature with lovely radiant dark skin, big warm brown eyes and inviting smile; men in her day consider her smile flirtatious. Grandma is dainty by appearance with an adventuress spirit. Grandma enjoys rap music and MTV latest dance craze. Gladys is not like the other stereotypical grandmothers’ in my neighborhood. She believes muumuu floral dresses are dreadful, adores black pumps, cusses like a sailor and cigars is her favorite pastime. Gladys protested the use of the name grandmother. “She said call me grandma, it’s more loving”. Grandma is fashionable and sophisticated; always applying ruby red lipstick from her makeup compact. Every grocery store she visits, she leaves the scent of Chanel’s Gardenia perfume. The memories of my grandmother are a glimpse of my present and future; I am Gladys granddaughter. Grandma is four feet and eleven inches and becomes six feet tall with her fiery personality. When I look into her piercing eyes she resembles the Statue of Liberty; a giant that stands firm in her beliefs. Grandma embodies hope, opportunity, self-awareness, and strength. Most importantly she has instilled a quiet storm within me that awakens when I need to be a champion. Ms. Gladys is my biggest fan during my school graduations and career transformation; demanding highest expectations. She has given me these natural born qualities without the attachment of the umbilical cord. “God keeps me alive to witness the young lady that is my junior” she happily tells my mother. Grandma is known to be a kind woman but can become lethal with a cast iron skillet. My dad experienced this unfortunate doom. Time well spent watching the many personas of Gladys Pratt. Grandma’s huge impact on my life did not become relevant until my transformation into adulthood. When I discovered my first love, pregnancy and bitter sweet disappointment of relationships. The journey of Gladys begins as a striking...
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