descriptive essay (life on island)

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Descriptive Essay Writing

Topic Life on Island

Last night, I had a dream in which I made my first voyage. We were traveled towards the north, along the coast. We had good weather all the way except sometime. After about ten days we crossed the equator. It was then that a fierce storm began, and after a while we had no idea where we were.

For most of the next two weeks we were quite helpless. We went anywhere the fierce winds blew us. During that time I expected everyday would be my last. On the fifteenth day the weather improved a little, my all mates were separated from one another. My ship was sunk into the water with my all friends. I had to think of saving my life as best as I could. It is not easy for anyone to imagine how frightened and anxious I was. The wind was still blowing very strongly. I was near about faint and I trusted myself to God’s mercy and the wild sea.

By the God’s mercy, the waves carried me a long way on towards the shore. Then it went back, leaving me upon the sand, almost out of water. I was half dead with the water I had swallowed. I got to my feet and tried to run towards the land before another wave should come and pick me up again. I could not ran fast enough, I tried my best and after some time I at safe place. After a short rest, and after thanking God that my life had been saved, I walked about on the shore. Now I wanted to discover about the Island. I walked along the stream, which was clear, running water, and found many pleasant fields; plains, smooth and covered with grass. I also found tobacco plants growing. I walked down a little way into that beautiful green valley and saw there numbers of orange, lemon and lime trees.

All that was very pleasant, that seemed to my most powerful desire has been fulfilled. It was my great wish to visit a beautiful Island. I was very happy there. I did not want to come...
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