Descriptive Essay About the 2009 Movie Up

Topics: Carl Fredricksen, Up, Pete Docter Pages: 2 (895 words) Published: March 19, 2013
I am writing my five paragraph essay on what I like to call, the “World’s Greatest Move”, the 2009 Pixar animated story called Up. If you look deeper into this crowd proclaimed “Kid’s Movie” you will find hidden meanings to the movie. You will find sadnesses that you may not have noticed before, happiness in the characters, and deeper meanings to the locations.

In the film Up, although it is a kid’s movie, it is filled with many sad events such as Carl Fredricksen being forced into retiring, Ellie Fredricksen dying, and Russell being fatherless. The first sadness we encounter in the movie is Ellie Fredricksen, Carl Fredricksen’s lifelong love, dying. In this part of the film you see the lovers going on a picnic just like they used to do when they were young which is all happy and you feel really happy inside. Then she falls, and cannot get to the top of the hill where they are having the picnic. It then skips to a scene of Ellie dying in the hospital, then it skips again to the funeral which makes you feel really sad. This all happens in a time span of about 10 mins. When I watch this section of the film, it makes me sad because it is like showing you a cute puppy that you’re excited to care about, watch it grow up and be happy, then all of a sudden taking it away from you and all of that short happiness and excitement you had built up towards that thing. The second sad part that comes into the film is when you witness Mr. Fredricksen being forced into retirement after becoming too old to work at selling balloons at the local zoo, and then evicted from his home. In this part of the film you see Mr. Fredricksen working, then a manager silently walking up to him and giving him the news that he should retire because he is getting really sad and old, and when he gets home he sees an urban development being built around him yet he refuses to sell his home. Then, when a worker named Steve accidentally damages his mailbox he injures Steve, where he then gets a visit...
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