Descriptive Essay

Topics: Manicure, Nail, Olfaction Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Descriptive essay
Eng- 111
17, September 2010
Upon opening my eyes as I wake up I stretch while taking a glance at the cursing clock that seems to hate me. I call my clock that because every day it seems as if it wants to wake me up at a later time each day. Than as my thoughts start to gather I realize that it’s the weekend, which means I can finally relax. I told myself that once the weekend comes I need to go get my nails done and finally relax and release all the stress and tension. In my mind a day of relaxation is a day at the salon where you walk in and seem to be all smiles, even with knowing that there is the most numbing smell and the extensive and prolonged filing that the nail artists seems to do.

So my day began when I walk through the door of the salon I receive a warm welcoming from the usual employees. It seems as if I could be having a bad day and then having someone greet you with a smile can turn your frown upside down, just as fast as the moon sets and the sun starts to rise. Nothing is better than having someone actually wanting to be nice to me. Not only did they greet me with a warm smile but as I waited as they finished other customers nails they set me down with a couple magazines to make the time fly by.

Along with the welcoming greeting that I received I could not help but smell the aroma of alcohol from the nail polish remover and nail polish. It’s almost as if it was burning my nose and taking my breath away. As time went by the smell of polish of course became more bearable for my nose to take. Than the smell of lotions that were being messaged could be smelled through out the store. This made my sense of smell almost feel tricked because at one moment my nose felt it was burning than the cooling sensations of the lotions made my nose feel somewhat perfectly fine.

It finally became time for it to be my turn to get my nails done. While I stood up and sat in the chair I got to dip my hands in the remover and get all the...
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