DEscriptive Essay

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: October 1, 2014
Descriptive Essay
Italy, a gorgeous country shaped like a boot, is one of the most beautiful places one can visit. I recently vacationed in Italy, and never gave my eyes the chance to take a break from the beautiful scenery: from the ongoing gorgeous landscape to the remarkable architecture. My family and I really enjoyed our little time in Italy, between visiting our loud and obnoxious extended family to tasting and smelling amazing Italian cuisine. Vacationing in a different country is a remarkable experience, so many different things to see and experience, different foods to taste and smell, and new a language to envelop.

One of the places my family and I visited was the remarkable city of Venice. Venice is like opening new shiny jewelry on a cold Christmas morning, fresh, shiny and beautiful. Upon arriving to Venice I took in the incredible view that before my eyes, a city on water. We began our journey passing café shops and smelling fresh brewed coffee to arrive to our first adventure, a ride on a gondola. The gondola was apiece of art beautifully sculpted out of some of the finest woods and the gondolier was dressed in the traditional navy and white striped shirt and navy pants. As we began to sail through the joyous Venetian lagoons we viewed the beautiful architecture that dressed and drenched the office buildings, churches, government buildings, and housing complexes. Finally the gondola came to stop and we had arrived at St. Marco’s Plaza. The plaza was like a puzzle, full of different people of all shapes, colors, and cultures. What struck me the most was the multitude of seagulls among the presence of the bustling crowds. The seagulls were children enjoying all the attention and the endless amount of bread being thrown at them from tourists, and natives. Later my family and I went into the Cathedral and were blown away by the intricate sculptures and Romanesque architectural features the cathedral boasted. We ended the day at the best...
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