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Topics: Color, Oak, The Wall Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: October 6, 2013

My bedroom is a cozy, yet quiet place to come to. It may not be the biggest of many bedrooms, but when you walk in the white oak door you see the four walls painted a tan color. There is also white trimming lining the walls. Everything in my room is white, black, or tan. If you are to look to your left when you walk in you see a black 20 inch flat screen hanging on the wall, and below it there is a black oak dresser with a bunch of random accessories on the top of it. There is another door along the north wall that is an entrance to my walk in closet that is cluttered with clothes. Along that same wall is my black wood desk that is held up by 2 steel legs that has a black wood chair with steel legs as well. On the south wall my queen black bed lies in the middle of the wall with brown zebra print bedding along with my one and only green pillow. Next to my bed there is a black floor lamp and on the other side of my bed there is a small bronze colored fan lying on top of a end table. My walls are bare less except for a pair of windows with white shades that are located straight across from the doorway over looking my neighbors. To the left of the windows there are 4 whisked brown baskets hanging on the wall, to the right of the windows you see a black body length mirror hanging on the wall. In front of my mirror on the wood floor lays a straightener, and a hair dryer. Also above my bed there are three 3X4 black canvases that have a pink, white, and yellow Gerber daisy painted on each individual one.
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