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Topics: Beach, Tunnel, Summer Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: March 28, 2009
A View By The Cabin
Our summer vacation cabin had wooden front steps and two narrow glass doors that opened inward. The living room was large and contained a small television that sat on a glass stand. In front of the television was a couch and lounge chair that didn’t match. They smelled of old perfume and dust. Pictures of seagulls and lighthouses hung firmly against the walls. Credenzas were filled with decretive plates, and trinkets. Large windows filled the sunroom, and kitchen with spectacular views, as well as the bedroom. As I explored the property, I gazed through the windows of the garage. It appeared to be under construction for some sort of room conversion. Carpet had been laid, and a water heater was installed.

Nestled along the hillside, the cabin was surrounded by lush green gardens, and mature trees, covered in fuzzy black bumblebees. A freshly painted wooden deck wrapped half way around the cabin, and on it, sat a large hot tub tub that overlooked the ocean. If you peered out over the deck towards the ocean, you would see a large rock formation in the shape of a Whale’s head. In front of the rock, lay piles of driftwood, washed down from the river that flowed beneath the highway.

The beach was dark and ashy from campfires, which made the sun bleached driftwood and seashells come to life. Thick fog rolled in patches as the sun burned through it. Orange and purple starfish washed to shore. Colorful polished stones funneled out from a creek, and fresh water flowed sideways through the sand. People played with their dogs, children built sand castles, while others took pictures.

Next to the beach was a hike trail; lined with unripe raspberries, ferns, and the most beautiful purple wild flowers I’d ever seen. At the end of the trail stood three large diameter drainage tunnels, big enough to walk through without stooping. These tunnels were mostly used as a short cut to the beach, instead of crossing the busy highway. But tunnel use was only...
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