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Topics: Rooms, The Streets, Inch Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Our First House

Living in our first house in Bellefontaine Neighbors was all we could have imagined, plus more. Everyone did their part in making the neighborhood a safe, clean place to live. When we moved into our first house, it was common to see police patrolling our street every thirty minutes, neighbors in their yards making sure every aspect of it was perfect, and beautiful ranch-style brick houses lining the streets.

It made me feel safe to know the police patrolled our street every half hour. They constantly drove around so I always knew they were close by. If they noticed anything or anyone unfamiliar they would investigate the situation. They encouraged us to call if a suspicious vehicle was parked on the street. They crawled the neighborhood like creatures during the darkest of nights with their spotlights on enabling anything to become visible to the naked eye. They were our “night owls.”

The friendly, well-organized neighbors helped accent the neighborhood. For instance, Mr. Williamson, one of our elderly and retired neighbors, never let the length of his grass reach one inch. Everytime I thought I would see his grass reach its peak, he’d be right on top of it in his lawn tractor mowing his lawn to perfection. The Watkins, our neighbors to the left, decorated the middle of their yard with a beautiful concrete garden water fountain that lit up after sunset. Everyone even took pride in lining up their trash cans on the streets early Tuesday morning. They were always neatly organized with trash receptacles, never bags.

Finally, the beautiful ranch-style brick houses made the neighborhood look very attractive. Our yard was very welcoming with a lantern post in the center of the grass and two small bushed at the end of the two steps off the front porch. I always kept a cool water scented plug-in in every room. The dining room connected to the living room making it very spacious. Our suade couches and soft cotton rug made the...
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