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Description Paragraph of an Important Person in Your Life

By pnohaeme Jul 17, 2011 519 Words
My grandfather has a very special place in my life. He is the greatest person I know, and I really admire and respect him as a person. Grandfather was tall, thin with lots of white hair. He was in his 60’s when I passed away. Although I spent little time with him, I have lots of memory of him. My grandfather lived in a small village called Ibi, in Imo state, Nigeria. I was living with him at the age of four, because my parents were in Rome, Italy. I spent about six years with him before I joined my parents. He was a great man and everyone knows him because he was a man of integrity, and he always stand on his words. My grandfather worked as an electrical engineer. All I can remember is that, he always wears green t-shirt, black trouser, and a thick glove to work. He told me that the glove was to prevent electrical shocks. My grandfather inspired me to be an engineer. He told me that I will make good money if I become an engineer. As little child, I told him that it was not going to be possible, because I thought it was male job. He made me to understand that there are many types of career in engineer. Another thing my grandfather inspired me to do was be a good person. He though me how to respect elders and talk to people in a good manner. Although life was hard, he gives me money to buy things that I need, from the little money he makes from his job. He was paying my school feel and making sure that I did not lack anything. My staying in Nigerian turned from good moment to bad, when he was admitted to hospital. There was no decent hospital, but the doctor who visited him after two weeks of illness, said he was going to die because his liver was damaged from poison. I cried out, called him several time but my beloved grandfather could not hear me again. After three days I spent in the hospital, no one came to visit or bring us something to eat. I looked around me, I saw him struggling to live. Everywhere smelled some wired scent .finally when he opened his eyes; I noticed that it was yellow. My grandfather told me he is going to die because there was no doctor that gave him medication, which is why his liver was affected and there was nothing they could do again to save his life. I wept and said, had it been that I was a doctor; I would have save his life. He replied and said ‘’ my daughter, its not too late, when you join your parents, you can study and become a doctor, so that you will save innocent souls in Africa.’’ Still with tears, I said, I will do that to honor you grandfather. Today, I am working toward it and I am hoping to accomplish my dream in becoming a doctor to honor the memory of my beloved grandfather.

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