Description on a Baseball Game

Topics: Major League Baseball, Baseball park, Boston Red Sox Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 11, 2013
First Baseball Game
It was the first game I have ever been to in my life. The game was the Baltimore Orioles VS Boston Redsox. I was of course rooting for my team the Redsox. When we got to the city of Baltimore, the only thing I could see was bright orange, black and a little bird on the hats of the people walking around. The people in Baltimore all had smiles on their face thinking they were going to win this game. I, on the other hand had red on to support my boys that I knew we were going to win.

We walked through the city of Baltimore to get to the stadium. It was so crowded, you could barely breathe with all the people and food vendors around. I could smell a mixture of so many things. The first thing was the people, some there smelled like they had just taken a shower but others smelled like a dead skunk. You just couldn’t stand the smell you had to walk away from that person as fast as possible. The other smells I could smell was the food from the vendors. The one I liked the most was the smoked sausage and pulled pork vendor. I was in heaven when we stopped there. It’s every man’s dream to see sausage sandwiches in front of him along with some freshly pulled pork with sweet, tangy barbeque sauce. I had ordered the pulled pork. It wasn’t too cold but wasn’t too hot, it was just right. The juice rolled off of the sandwich onto the napkin every time I had taken a bite. The tanginess was just sensational it was perfect in every which way. I had also picked up, a nice cold lemonade on this hot day. When the lemonade touched my lips they shriveled up from all of the lemon that was in it. It was a perfect mixture of lemons and sugar water it was just fabulous. The icy coldness of the lemonade was wonderful because it was steaming outside.

We walked into the stadium; my eyes had gotten really big. I was so surprised of the size of the stadium. It was like walking into a whole nother world that was blocked off by walls. The smell of the place was...
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