Description of a Screwdriver

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Description of a Flat-Head Screwdriver

Introduction – General Description

A flat-head screwdriver is a hand held tool used by carpenters and is designed to tighten and loosen screws. A typical hand screwdriver has a cylindrical shaped handle to be held by a hand, and an axial fixed to the handle, the tip of which is shaped to fit a certain type of screw. The handle and shaft allow the screwdriver to be positioned and supported and when rotated, to apply pressure. A screwdriver amplifies the hands turning to the small, specialty designed tip that is inserted into the screws head.

To safely use a screwdriver, insert the screwdriver tip into the screw head and turn the handle clockwise, applying pressure on the handle to hold the tip firmly in the head. Continue turning the screwdriver firmly, making sure the screw remains straight as it enters the material. Make sure your hand is away from the screw in case the screwdriver slips off the screw head. To loosen a screw, insert the screwdriver tip into the screw head and turn counter clockwise, applying pressure on the handle.

Physical characteristics: The 12in Craftsman flat-head screwdriver has a weight of 0.71 lbs. it has a 5in plastic, chemical resistant handle with a rubber grip. The rounded steel shaft is 3/8in x 7in in length and slotted (flattened) at the working end.

Three main parts make up the flat-head screwdriver: handle, axial, and slotted tip (Figure 1).

Flat-Head Screwdriver

Figure 1 Flat-Head Screwdriver

Description of parts and their function
The handle is made of plastic material with a rubber covering used to improve grip. The shaft is made of high grade steel to promote strength and durability. The slotted tip is aluminum coated and designed for a flat head screw.
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