description of a place

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Description of a place
While sitting on a tree in the corner of two streets I look to my left and see a garden with a path in the middle of it. To the left of the path there are a lot of rose bushes that are different colors. There are yellow, white, red, pink, purple and orange. Behind the row of rose bushes is where the wall of the side of the house. To the right of the path there are rose bushes but there are also many other types of flowers in between them. In the back of me there is the lawn of the left side of the drive way. Right in between the drive way and the lawn there are two huge palm trees. Surrounding the lawn and the garden is a bush covered wooden fence. Past the drive way there is another lawn with two trees and a hammock tied around them. There is also a bush covered wooden fence around that lawn. In front of the drive way is the garage door of our burgundy one story house. When I look out to the streets I see kids riding in bikes and running around with them moving out of the street when an occasional car passes by. I can hear them screaming and laughing. I can also hear the noise that the old dried leaves of the palm trees because of the small breeze. To my left I see a row of houses that are well organized. There is one house that is a couple houses down the street that is very dirty. They have and old dog house out there with dried up grass and a couple of rusted bikes outside. The house also has a gross s navy color that is dried up.
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