Description of main points of "Arcadia"

Topics: George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, Tom Stoppard, Arcadia Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: January 29, 2014
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Title: Arcadia

Author: Tom Stoppard

Central Character: Septimus Hodge

Other Characters: Thomasina Coverly, Jellaby, Ezra Chater, Richard Noakes, Lady Croom, Hannah Jarvis

Setting: The story opens in the front room of an old estate in Derbyshire, England. Scenes shift back and forth between the early nineteenth century and to present day.

Narrator: The narrative in Arcadia switches between multiple character points of view throughout the play. The majority of all the characters gets to speak as the narrator and on his/her point of view and perspective at least once in the narrative.

Events in summary numbered, but not more than a paragraph—10 to 12 events at most

1. The first major event in the narrative of “Arcadia,” is the discovery of Septimus’s affair with Mrs. Chater in the first scene. Mr. Noakes, the landscape architect, spots Septimus and Mrs. Chater in the gazebo in the acts of infidelity. Mr. Noakes describes what he saw to Ezra later in the text. 2. The next event is the confrontation between Ezra and Septimus. Mr. Noakes relays what he saw to Mrs. Chater’s husband, Ezra Chater. Ezra later challenges Septimus to a duel, to defend his wife’s honor. However, Septimus talks Ezra out of it, and convinces him that Mrs. Chater only did it to ensure a good review from Septimus on Ezra’s book. 3. The next event is the scene where Septimus talks Ezra out of a violent situation. Upon learning of his sife’s infedilities, Ezra goes after Septimus and challenges him to a duel to regain his wife’s honor. Septimus, however, convinces him that the acts were only with the intention to ensure that Septimus would write a better review of Ezra’s poems. 4. The next event, is the scene where Lady Croom realizes she is the burning torch Septimus has been carrying with him. On this night, everyone’s secrets have come out, and Lady Croom rids of the 3 way love polygon taking place between Brice, Byron and Chater. 5. Following this event,...
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