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Topics: Working time, Interpersonal relationship, Holidays Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Many traits of a Workaholic
What is a workaholic? A workaholic is a person who is addicted to work. A workaholic is someone with a compulsive need to work. It is someone whose need to work has become so exaggerated that it may constitutes a danger to their health, personal happiness, interpersonal relations, and social functioning. Workaholics are intelligent, ambitious, successful persons, and they are prisoners of their own success.

The workaholic believes that he is the only person capable of performing their work. The workaholic person is a perfectionist, who will not accept mistakes that are a part of being human, and feels the needs to get more tasks done before he can feel good about himself. It's very difficult for a workaholic to relax, often feeling that he must complete certain tasks. “Some workaholics may work seven days a week.” Workaholics may be those who consider sleep and leisure a ''waste of time''. Workaholic could also be those who haven't taken a vacation in years or who cut short vacations after a few days. They are those who take their work with them on vacations; who take work along when they accompany their children to ball games; or who think about work whenever they're not doing it, and who resent things like weekends, and holidays.

They rise early and cannot wait to get started. They compete fiercely with others and especially against the high standards they set for themselves. They often define themselves in terms of their work. Ambition and achievement are their priorities. Workaholics have strong self-doubts and use hard work as a means of concealing or compensating. For some, their work is the only thing they are good at. They prefer labor to leisure. They get depressed and anxious on weekends and holidays and look forward to Monday morning the way others look forward to holidays. They work anywhere and anytime. Weekends, holidays, trips and time at home are no impediment to work. They often make their homes...
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