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Topics: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubrovnik Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: November 27, 2010
In home reading I read about one of the world's most beautiful countries - Croatia. Croatia is located in South-Eastern Europe between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, and bordering the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is the place where is meeting historic and modern, and where can see the beautiful mountains, plains, coast, lakes and rivers and it's all in one place. [1] As the tourist destination Croatia is popular, of course, in summer and several millions tourists visit Croatia n the summer months. [1] Croats tend to be wary of dealing with strangers. If tourists can say a few words in Croatian language, then they will be certified as good educated and will be welcomed. Women who travel alone to Croatia, are not at particular risk, however, may attract the attention surrounding. Especially in bars, where the main audience is men. [3] Croatia considers the world's Nudism centre. Nudism is free practiced in specific areas and resorts, which are remarkable for their high standards and qualitative services. Nudism is an ancient tradition and in nowadays in Croatia are about 30 nudism centres. [3] Popular attraction for tourist in Croatia is also rafting - challenging outdoor recreational activity and it is considered as an extreme sport as it can be dangerous. The most popular rafting rivers are Kupa, Cetina and Zadar. [2] Dalmatia is Croatia's most visited region. It has a very ancient and long history and in nowadays it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. In Dalmatia is located city Dubrovnik, which was formerly known as Ragusa, and it is located in UNESCO world heritage. And the film “100 and 1 dalmatian” is called in honour to this city. [3] Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist cities of Dalmatia with beautiful monuments, the biggest part of the old town was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1667th. It is surrounded by fortifications, which began to build the 10th century and over time has been extended. [3] A feature of Dubrovnik is its walls that...
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